Huge outpouring of patriot support stopped Antifa terrorists from turning Portland into a violent, anarchist wasteland – watch at

Just days before the event was to take place, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, issued a warning about how Antifa terrorists might try to stage a massive false flag event during protests that were to take place on August 4 in Portland, Oregon. But the good news is that the worst of it didn’t end up materializing.

That’s because thousands of conservatives and patriots showed up to peacefully counter the Antifa terrorists, as explained in a recent video announcement by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, which is available for viewing at

In this video clip, Adams explains how his worst fears about the August 4 clash didn’t become a reality, thanks both to the conservative patriot element, as well as the Portland Police Department, which actually stepped in and made sound decisions to keep the protest from devolving into a total melee.

“Thank God we had such an outpouring of patriots there,” Adams explains in the clip. “Huge numbers, thousands of patriots showed up. And because the numbers were so large, Antifa could not achieve the violence and mayhem that they were trying to carry out.”

“Portland police, at least at first, kept the peace, and kept the two groups separate. When Antifa started to get violent with rocks and bottles, Portland police threw flash bangs back at the Antifa protestors,” he adds.

Antifa terrorists are incapable of having civil discourse, and most don’t even know true history

This intervention by the Portland police further set off Antifa, of course, which became “even more insane.” They were seen “trashing the city, turning over Porta Potties,” and engaging in all sorts of other mayhem.

But nobody was severely harmed or killed, and the violence eventually dispersed, which Adams gives credit to all of the anti-Antifas who did their part to neutralize the violence and engage people in conversations rather that fistfights.

“The patriot groups were amazing,” Adams says. “Zero violence, very professional. In all the streams that I saw, the conservatives or patriot groups were calmly asking people questions and challenging people.”

Many Antifas, perhaps not surprisingly, were not at all interested in having conversations. Most of them, says Adams, have proven that they’re actually incapable of speaking to other people and having discourse – and the few that do are completely oblivious to actual history.

“The radical, left-wing, Antifa terrorists, almost every one of them is a babbling idiot,” Adams says. “They don’t know anything. They can’t even talk. They literally can’t talk.”

“The few who could put together a sentence or two, it was complete fiction. They think the KKK was run by Republicans. These people are clueless. The KKK was the Democrat South. The KKK was run by Democrats. It was Republicans that passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act. It was conservatives who freed the slaves. These people have their whole history backwards because, of course, they’re brainwashed.”

So are the millions of leftist Americans who eat up what the news tries to claim about events like this, blaming all violence on Trump supporters while claiming that Antifa is just a bunch of perfect little saints. As Adams explains, the only thing he saw at this recent incident in Portland were Antifa terrorists violently assaulting their political opponents for sport.

“We did see Antifa people bashing a Trump supporter over the head, blood gushing onto the sidewalk. So there were violent assaults on multiple Trump supporters, not just that one person,” Adams says, noting that it likely would have been far worse if not for the strong conservative presence at the protest.

“There was just such an outpouring of cameras, patriot people with livestreams and photographs – this made the ability to carry out a false flag very limited.”

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