WATCH as Trump supporters Joy Villa and Elijah Schaffer tell of being violently assaulted for singing the national anthem:

Violence recently erupted during what was supposed to have been a family-friendly event in Los Angeles featuring recording artist Joy Villa, who famously wore a “Make America Great Again” dress to the Grammys. Villa and her friend Elijah Schaffer of “Slightly Offens*ve” were verbally and physically assaulted by a racist, Trump-hating mob that became triggered when the duo started singing the National Anthem.

Telling all during a recent interview with InfoWars, video of which is available at, Villa and Schaffer describe the outrageous violence of the Left they’ve had to endure in recent years, all because Donald Trump was elected president.

“I think it’s really because of Maxine Waters,” Villa stated about who she believes is behind much of the leftist violence that’s been escalating in recent months. “She’s the godmother of this violent leftist movement. She’s called for violent acts against Trump supporters.”

What makes leftists hate Villa all the more is the fact that she’s half black and half Latino, while also being a conservative. This is a major no-no, as the leftist narrative dictates that only white males are allowed to be conservatives, and that all of them are racist white supremacists who hate brown and black people.

“I’m in Hollywood … I’m just being myself, and yet [leftists] won’t come to my defense because it is somehow justified to violently attack, to have racial slurs, to call me every name in the book, and Elijah, simply because we’re Trump supporters,” Villa stated.

“It’s like that takes every human decency off the table. And we’re here for peace. We wanted to have conversation. We had amazing conversations with people across the aisle before this riot and this mob started, and this guy was so violent, he was hyped up on every drug in the book.”

Be sure to watch the full video clip of Villa’s interview with InfoWars below:

Booing at the National Anthem shows that leftists hate America

Captured during a live Periscope stream were the attacks launched against both Villa and Schaffer as they attempted to engage the crowd civilly. The evidence is there to show that the angry leftist mob was the first to incite violence, which increased dramatically the moment that Villa and Schaffer began singing the National Anthem.

“So the National Anthem, after we finished it actually, most people started booing us,” Schaffer said. “We didn’t sing the National Anthem for Trump. We sang because we’re proud of our country.”

But this was of no concern to the leftists present at the event, many of whom started shouting, “We don’t want your kind here!” along with all sorts of racial slurs, insults, and vulgarity.

“Do we have to drink at different fountains?” Villa wondered aloud. “Are we going to isolate and segregate different cafes? We don’t shop at the same department stores? It’s like a new Jim Crow.”

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, who was present along with Alex Jones during the interview, plainly states that the whole thing represents “race-based persecution.”

“These are illegal acts of violence,” he stated. “These are discriminatory acts that violate [your] civil rights. Those attackers should be prosecuted, and those who are complicit in that should be prosecuted.”

Schaffer, who had $3,000 worth of camera equipment stolen by the thugs – who also beat up their guard, a veteran – says he and Villa plan to push the violence as a hate crime.

“There’s too much violence going on for wearing this read hat, for supporting Trump … that should not be the norm,” says Villa. “People are walking away from the Democratic plantation,” and the establishment doesn’t like that, she added.

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